Summer, gorgeous summer. It’s the time of year filled with vibrant energy, long days and sunshine. (And a good dose of rain this year!) It’s the perfect time to match Mother Nature with renewed activity, growth, expansion and creativity. Healthy eating for summer joy turns frantic to fantastic by fueling you with all the energy you need to grab those chances to explore and grow.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, summer is associated with the heart and with the element of fire. When we’re in balance our hearts are strong and healthy and our minds are calm and steady. But that’s not always the case.¬†Agitation, nervousness, heartburn, and insomnia are symptoms that one’s Fire balance is off.¬†Pacific College has a good list of tips to stay in harmony with the season – ¬†read more here.

Living in harmony also means adapting your diet towards foods that will help you manage the inner and outer heat. Many of our traditional foods are on the list — watermelon, corn and sprouts. But there are a few surprises — cayenne pepper, anyone? Read more here.


Posted by Deirdre Walsh

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