"Everyday Mindfulness for the Art of Living"

Tap into the power of your mind to create a spacious, peaceful life

Meet Deirdre

I help people tame overwhelm so they can reconnect with the sweetness of life.

My coaching program lets you regain a sense of well-being when the stresses of life have taken over. You learn to tune into what your body needs at any moment. You work with the life you have now — a place where there is richness and joy just waiting to be remembered. You relax back into your best self, reconnecting to the people and things that mean so much to you. You begin to  remember what peace, joy and spaciousness feels like. 

I’ve had a few trips to the land of overwhelm, so you can trust that I’ve walked the talk.

Get in Touch

Let’s figure out how to get you back to yourself.

I know that you’re super busy and feeling overwhelmed. I can help you learn to relax no matter what the situation, to rebalance and to reconnect to the sweetness of life.

I have lots of ways to work with your needs and situation. It may be coaching, but it could be a recommendation of a great book that will help you understand yourself and your situation.

When we chat we’ll start with your life and your needs and go from there. I’ll give you my best recommendation for where you are right now. 

Client Aha’s

I’ve worked with some amazing clients who inspire and astound me with how they transform into the people they’ve always known they can be.

Clients say:

My favorite Deirdre-ism ~ “What if you just tried that out a little bit?” ~ helped me to open my mind and find workable solutions to challenges I’d been struggling with for years. I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking to start making big changes in their life.
Rachel A

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