Client Aha’s

I’ve worked with some amazing clients who inspire and astound me with how they transform into the people they’ve always known they can be.

Clients say:

Rachel A
My favorite Deirdre-ism ~ “What if you just tried that out a little bit?” ~ helped me to open my mind and find workable solutions to challenges I’d been struggling with for years. I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking to start making big changes in their life.


Oh yeah! Fresh sense of perspective and happy ‘go-get-er’ness after my chats with @DMWalsh#alwayslearning

Stacey C
Coaching enabled me to delve deeper into my personality and find out what makes me that way I am. With the guidance from Deirdre, I was able to create a template of the person who I wanted to become and was able to create a plan on how to become that individual.
Diana I
With Deirdre’s help, I was able to turn things around and get my life on track. Her professionalism and positive attitude ALWAYS left me feeling that I could overcome all the obstacles in my way – and even realize that some of those obstacles were not really there.
@DMWalsh thank you but it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t have your support to who and what I am today xo
Patricia M
Deirdre has a wonderful way of capturing the essence of the issue in a way that reinforces the positives and offers constructive ways of improving the negatives. She was a stabilizing influence and a voice of reason when I had doubts about my direction and effort.
Cindy M
You came into my life at the perfect time and led me through some difficult weeks that I would not have navigated on my own. When we were putting everything into the funnel sometimes it got a little crowded but by the next week there always seemed to be more room for stuff to go into the funnel and be blended in with all the goodness that was being created from a mess.

Colleen B
Deirdre taught me to find the happy, safe moments in life and to remember them. When faced with problems, I find my safe space by looking to those moments, and letting that bring out the best of me. Because of what Deirdre taught me, I’m a happier, healthier person. I’ve virtually eliminated the medication I’ve used to deal with my depression, and the insomnia that plagued me is gone.

Kim M
Working with Deirdre felt so affirming. As I was struggling with what felt like an overwhelming “to do” list, she reminded me to pause and celebrate the abundance and joy in my life. Her deep insight allowed me to view this situation from a more powerful perspective and set intentions that honored who I am.


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