“The history of the world begins with a seed. The seed is the kernel of what you are, but it is also the promise of what you can become.” — Kate Elliott

What seeds are you planting for your future happiness?


There is so much juice in living in the moment. It’s the place of true connection with life. You never really enjoy yourself when you’re chewing over the past or trying to forecast the future. It’s distracting to spend a lot of mental time in either place. It’s the present moment — the one you’re in right now — where you can feel fully alive.


But there is more to life than living only in the moment. In moving from present moment to present moment you may miss the chance to build on the satisfying moments of life. You may overlook planting seeds for more of the good stuff in life.


Which small projects can you start now that will bring you pleasure when they’re done? What creative skill can you start to play with that will open your horizon? Where is a simple connection you can make that may develop into a friendship? Where will you plant small seeds of energy that will continue to lift your spirits in the future?


Life as a garden


Imagining a garden helps to think about how to keep at that edge of growth through life. The one we call flow. It’s the place where you are actively engaged with things that are important. You are using your talents and skills to make a difference around you.


So many questions arise. How do you work in harmony with the natural world? Where do you bring forth beauty from the raw materials of your life? When do you recognize the value of what you have grown and leave enough space for it to flourish? Planting, watering, cultivating, pruning — these are all skills to think about in your life.


Plant small, often and at the right depth


Not every seed planted will thrive. There is a disappointment and a gift in that. You can experiment with things, knowing that you may not take them to the next level. You don’t need to be good at everything. Enjoyment is enough reward for some of the seeds you plant.


Every seeds has a different rhythm. You can be nurturing seeds at different stages, gaining happiness, pleasure and joy from your projects and relationships in different ways.


Think of how deep your seed should be planted. If you expect your personal seed will be a long and deep project, like a new career or business, then make sure you have a lot of resources available to support your growth. If it’s an uncomplicated skill then you may not need to invest as much to bring it to flower.



Seeds need patience


There is an innate wisdom in nature that keeps us from trying to thrive where we cannot. In the natural world, each seed contains chemical inhibitors that protect it from germinating in the wrong circumstances.


There will be times when the seeds you plant don’t thrive and life will seem frustrating and discouraging. Consider that the timing and circumstances may not yet be right. While a seed is in dormancy there is an outer coat that protects it the tender internal spot. Don’t force. Perhaps it’s a protection.




When a seed begins to sprout it uses the energy within to immediately find support. The roots anchor down to moisture and the leaves unfurl upward to the sun. It quickly and powerfully connects with what it needs to continue to grow. It’s interconnected with its environment.


Where do you need your seed energy to take you? Who do you need to connect with? Who can teach you, support you or help you grow?


Know that growth is hard, but do it anyway


It may seem counter-intuitive to continue to challenge yourself in life in ways that take you away from your main path. Why not just stick to what you’re good at? Staying in your comfort zone can be, well, comfortable. But in the long run it can get monotonous, if not stifling. You lose the flexibility to adapt and grow. Any challenging situation becomes more difficult and more of a threat to your happiness. Adapting to new situations has become a skill worth building for itself.

Image: Harvest by Jenny Downing under CC2.0

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